Wills & Estates


  • Seek instructions and provide relevant advice as to the construction and consequences of the Will
  • Draft your legally binding Will in accordance with your instructions
  • If deemed desirable to reduce future conflict attend a family/beneficiaries conference to fully explain the terms of the Will to clarify the reason and intent of bequests
  • Advice and consideration regarding minors and the provisions of the Guardian and Administration Act if applicable
  • Where applicable advise consideration of the Valuation of Land Act
  • Ensure full compliance with the Wills Act


  • Assist Executors of a Will in the proper execution including but not limited to the gathering of assets
  • Draft the application to the Supreme Court for the Grant of Probate
  • Advice and assistance with the distribution of the estate in accordance with the Will
  • Finalise the estate
  • Advice regarding your rights if you have been left out of a Will


  • Provide advice and seek instructions as to the duties and appointment of a suitable Attorney
  • Drafting the Financial Power of Attorney as per instructions and in accordance with the revised Power of Attorney Act 2014
  • Provide advice relating to the duties and responsibilities of a medical Attorney
  • Draft the Medical Power of Attorney in accordance with instructions
  • Ensure the validity of the Powers of Attorney relating to the required manner of execution and witnessing