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The Complete Buyer Advocacy

Welcome to our Complete Buyer Advocacy service.  We are a boutique business and a new player in the buyer advocate market. Our professional experience has shown us that the present providers in this field do not fully and COMPLETELY service their clients.  They source a suitable property and once the property is found and the contract is signed, they are no longer actively involved in the process, but at that stage, the process to get you in the home has really only just begun.  They have fulfilled their agreement and then hand the contract over to a lawyer.

The Buyer Agent itself is a fairly recent service which was commenced almost exclusively by Real Estate Agents.  That profession has expanded their activities from representing the vendor in a sale, to representing the prospective buyer in a purchase.  In fact the present representative body, the Real Estate Buyer Agent Association (REBAA), stipulates that to be a member of their Association you must be a licensed real estate agent.

We are not Real Estate Agents.  We are a team of two committed to personal one to one service to get you into the property that is right for you in every way,  whether it be your new home, investment property or SMSF purchase.  We restrict our area of service to what we know best, the Melbourne Metro and Victoria country areas.

My name is Phil Kelly and I am a Lawyer.  I have a Bachelor of Law degree and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies.  I have run my own legal practice for 14 years which is restricted almost exclusively to property law matters and property conveyancing.  Experience has shown me that purchasers of property can and should be much better looked after in the lead up and pre-contract process to finding the right property, and they should be given the proper understanding of the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of the Contract for Sale of Land.  A Real Estate Agent is not permitted to give legal advice.  If there is a query in a contract it must be handed on to a solicitor for advice.  I hold an Australian Practising Certificate, am a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and hold Professional Liability Insurance.

Cheryle is my wife and the other half of the business.  Cheryle is a Certified Workplace Trainer as well as a Life and Business Coach.  Her training and experience have provided her with above average skills of perception and analysis.  This gives her a huge advantage in the process of matching the right property to the particular client, as well as in the hurly burly of the negotiations process.  PC aside, her female appreciation of the various qualities, advantages and disadvantages of a particular property surpass those of my mere male mind.  She has clarity of communication and ensures that the client is included and consulted throughout the whole process.  We make a strong and capable team.

There is a common belief that the purchase of a property is one of the major stresses in life.  It does not need to be and we can ensure a smooth process for you.  The secret is our first meeting where we get to know you and your wishes and have a full understanding of what you are seeking in a property.  This is not restricted to how many bedrooms and bathrooms but extends to the size of land, location, school zones if applicable, transportation requirements, social amenities and importantly, planning restrictions and overlays if you are looking for a renovators dream, and of course price.  We put in the expertise and time that you probably don’t have.

Our Complete Buyer Advocacy takes you step by step through the process from Engagement to Identifying potential properties, contract analysis to Auction bidding or Negotiation to Execution of Contracts to Conveyancing to Settlement to the keys of the front door being handed to you.  The complete process from start to end completed through the same office and personnel.  This is not the usual process happening in the area today.  We have bought and sold numerous properties ourselves and can provide an insight into the process based on experience.  We ensure full compliance with all recent legislative requirements and processes including but not restricted to the Land Act, Sale of Land Act, Transfer of Land Act, Estate Agents Act, Owners Corporation Act, Contract Law and the Residential Tenancies Act where it involves a rental purchase.

The purchase of property always involves considerable expenditure controlled by way of an enforceable contract and must be conducted in a proper professional competent manner.  It is more than just signing a contract and there can be severe penalties for a default.  That is why we take you from start to finish.



Real Estate Agents have always been able to base their remuneration on the sale price of a property.  When representing the vendor the usual fee is anywhere between 1.75% to 3% of the sale price, the argument being that the more they are able to get for your property then the more that they are entitled to receive.

We understand that the Agents representing purchasers as Buyers Agents have a similar manner of remuneration, also based on a scale which is commonly set at 2% of the purchase price.  That being the case, there seems little incentive for that Agent to negotiate for the lowest purchase price possible.  The lower the price the less they earn.

Phil Kelly & Associates operates on a three scale set costs basis.  The three scales of costs are for properties up to $1M, properties between $1M and $2M, and properties over $2M.  The set fee for properties over $2M works out to be about half of the usual industry rate.  Remember also of course that the service provided by Phil Kelly & Associates extends well beyond the signing of the contract, but continues through to the settlement and final hand over of the property.  You get more service for less money.  We work from a home office, it doesn’t diminish the service but it does diminish the costs to you.   We have no other staff and so save those overheads, as well as the commercial rents and office fitout costs.   We are able to pass on those savings to your pocket.


Phil Kelly & Associates is able to provide exciting additional services which are available to all our clients, but really provides something special for the Interstate or Overseas Buyer which is not available anywhere else in Australia from a Buyer Agent.

We can produce a before sale 360 degree virtual reality video tour of the subject property, which not only takes you through every room in the house in 3D, but allows the client to view the property from the street level showing the street scape, views, neighbouring properties and general area.  The video is provided for downloading directly to your iphone or ipad.  You see exactly what is being offered for sale by us virtually putting you inside and outside the house. *

If the property is being offered for sale by auction we can provide 360 degree virtual reality LIVE STREAMING of the auction directly to your device as the auction is being conducted.  You can know exactly what is being bid and by whom as it happens.  At the moment there is a delay of about 15 seconds which, as the internet speeds increase so will the delay, but it is instant enough to enable you to instruct us on how you wish to proceed in real time.*

This is the latest technology that will one day be the norm, but right now is only available to clients of our Buyer Agent service.

The additional costs for this service will be up to but not more than $500.00 depending on the particular property and service.

(* subject to vendor consent.)

Rental Property

Should you purchase a property with the intention of renting, we can provide the additional legal service of drafting a lease compliant with the Residential Tenancies Act and in accordance with your instructions.  We can screen and recommend prospective tenants and engage the best appropriate managing agent to manage the property for you.


Where deemed necessary we can arrange professional building and pest inspections of a prospective property as part of our service.  The service provider costs are paid directly to the provider and additional to any costs listed above.


The law prohibits any person who does not hold a relevant Licence to provide financial advice.  We do not hold a Licence, as we expect neither do other Agents, and therefore we do not have involvement in the seeking and application for finance.  We have a strong professional working relationship with a qualified finance broker who we are very comfortable to recommend should you require assistance in this area.  Once finance is obtained we do however interact with the selected finance provider as part of our service in the lead up to settlement by way of provision of legal documentation which they require to complete the transfer process.


We would love to have a chat and listen to your situation and needs, we are happy to help.  Please contact us on the number below or send us an email to the address below.  Remember, when you do you will speak directly to us.  We don’t have a reception girl to vet or bypass your call, you’re not going to be put on hold.  We take the word service seriously.


Phil: 0412 106833                             Cheryle: 0409 195073

Email: phil.k@kellyassociates.com.au



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